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Döda Vinkeln

“Döda Vinkeln” is a short film based on a true story, and it’s directed by Eloi Harison, produced by us with the help of others. The filming of the movie took place in many locations during last week and is now in post-production. We were hard at work are very eager to see the final result later this year. In this project we do not edit ourselves and it’s always a fun experience seeing what others will make of the raw material you create. A big shoutout to the staff, for exquisite work with planning of light settings and camera work.

The film itself, without spoiling all too much is about a couple which,  to say the least are pretty distrustful of each other, and get in a little bit of a pickle as only one of them has a job and the other simply can’t get one. These two major factors create an atmosphere which we believe will be easy for the audience to relate to.

We hope you’re as hyped as us to see where this leads. More information will be available on our social media, as well as on the pages of actors and others involved.